Tatsoi Mustard Greens Seeds


Brief description:

Tatsoi Mustard Greens is indigenous to Japan where it has been cultivated since 500 A.D. These Asian greens are A low growing annual with small, spoon-shaped leaves, tatsoi is also called spoon mustard, spinach mustard or rosette bok choy, of which it is a close relative of. They have a mild mustard-like flavor. The plant resembles spinach but the stems and veins are white and sweet. Tatsoi Mustard Greens are rich in beta carotene, and Vitamins A, C, and K along with calcium, potassium, and iron.

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Tatsoi- Mustard Greens Seeds
Days to Full Maturity: 43-70 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 200

Tatsoi Mustard Greens are small, sturdy, and low growing greens that form spoon-shaped leaves. Also called spoon mustard or spinach mustard and is a close relative to the Pak Choi. Tatsoi Mustard Greens stalks are sweet, almost creamy, and great in stir-fries, which delivers a unique flavor experience. The texture is similar to Mache but much heartier. Although Tastoi is in the mustard family it doest has the taste of mustard green. Tatsoi Mustard Greens are often eaten raw in salads and on sandwiches. For baby leaves the Tatsoi Mustard Greens are ready to harvest as early as 21 days after sowing and 45 days for mature thick rosette plants. Keep the soil evenly moist for the healthiest growth. If the sun gets too hot, Chinese cabbage tends to “bolt” or go to seed; in long periods of heat, some kind of shade may be helpful.

How to grow:

Prepare the soil with compost or organic matter; Chinese cabbage prefers full sun or partial shade and grows best in cool weather temperatures from 45-75 F (7-24 C). Directly sowing seeds works best, about 4-6 weeks before the last average spring frost date. Plant seeds 1/2″ deep and 16-18″ apart in rows 1-3′ apart; germination should take place in about 10 days. For a fall crop, direct sow in July- September. Keep weeds controlled and conserve moisture by applying mulch. Keep the soil evenly moist, but stop watering after the first frost.


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