Red Acre Cabbage Seeds  


Brief description:

Red Acre cabbage has a vibrant reddish-purple almost marron medium size head. Red Acre cabbage is simply the greatest early maturing red cabbage. Red Acre is resistant to cabbage yellowing and is amazing for home gardens that have little space. It’s great for raw eating, and it’s my favorite cabbage to grow in central Florida. Plant Red Acre Cabbage Seeds and enjoy a bountiful and beautiful feast!

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Red Acre- Cabbage Seeds
Days to Full Maturity: 100 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 250

The Red Acre cabbage is a hardy garden crop that can be grown in climate zones three through nine. Red Acre cabbage plant produces medium-sized, bright red-purplish globe-shaped heads that can add real color and beauty to your vegetable garden. This Cabbage is a supreme variety of cabbage and simply the best early open pollinated Red Cabbage variety available. The cabbage head reaches up to 7 inches in diameter and typically weighs approximately 4 pounds. The Red Acre cabbage is crisp, tender, and mildly sweet, with exceptional taste. This yummy cabbage variety is especially suited for use raw or in coleslaw. Red Acre cabbage is resistant to splitting and cabbage yellowing. It is great for small gardens and containers as it takes up less space than other cabbages.

How to grow:

Start your Red Acre Cabbage seeds inside 8-12 weeks before the last spring frost, planting them in rich soil 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart. If sowing indoors and transplanting outside, it’s best to harden off the plants over the course of a week. Because the first crop of cabbage should mature before the heat of summer, plant your seedlings about 4 weeks before the last expected frost; set them 12-18″ apart in rows 3-4′ apart, burying the stems about halfway up. The Red Acre cabbage needs two inches of water each week while growing. For a fall crop, direct sow or transplant seedlings in midsummer. For companion planting benefits, plant purple cabbage seeds with aromatic herbs or potatoes; avoid planting them with tomatoes or pole beans. Herbs such as thyme, peppermint, sage, and rosemary will repel the destructive white cabbage moth.


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