Purple Top White Globe Turnip


Brief description:

Purple Top White Globe turnip seed is the most popular and widely grown turnip variety world wide! The tops of this versatile vegetable can be cooked as greens, and its edible roots are good for storing, canning, and freezing! The flesh is sweet, mild, and fine-grained. The globe-shaped roots, which are purple above ground and white below ground, are best harvested when 4″ in diameter. It matures in 55 days.

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Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Days to Full Maturity: 65 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 300

Turnip lovers cherish these deliciously sweet and tender, white roots. Handsomely blushed with pink to purple at the crown, classic turnips range from 4–6″ across. Super-nutritious young leaves on the easy-growing plants are the classic southern greens of legend and are perfect for soups, in a vegetable gratin, or baked alongside other root vegetables. A popular market variety, heirloom (pre-1880), productive and easy to grow; giant roots.

How to grow:

A cool-weather crop, turnips thrive when planted three weeks before the last frost in the spring, or after the hottest part of summer for a fall crop. Direct sow Purple Top White Globe turnip seeds in rich, deeply worked soil and full sun, 1/2″ deep in rows 12-18″ apart; as the seedlings grow, thin them to 4-6″ apart. Apply mulch to conserve moisture and control weeds


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