Premier Kale


Brief description:

Premier Kale has a great yield and is rich in nutrients. This kale has green leaves that grow to be 1’ long. Great for gardening within a container due to being compacted. This plant can be harvested between 55-65 days for mature leaves or less for baby leaves.

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Premier Kale
Days to Full Maturity: 60 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 200

Premier Kale has smooth green tasty leaves and has a high yield. This plant is cold tolerant and can be planted in the fall to over-winter. Premier Kale is great fresh in salads, sandwiches, soups, sauteed, or roasted with oil and salt. Kale is highly nutritious and contains beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and calcium. Dwarf Siberian Kale is known for its antioxidant properties that are said to be anti-inflammatory. According to Wikipedia Kale contains sulforaphane which is said to have anti-cancer properties.

How to grow:

Since kale thrives in cool weather and is sweetened by frost, it grows best as a fall crop. For an earlier crop in areas with a cool summer, sow Premier Kale seeds in early spring; plant three seeds in a cluster, 1/2″ deep and 16-18″ apart in rows 2-3′ apart. Thin the clusters to the strongest plant when the seedlings emerge. Kale appreciates very rich, moist soil that drains well since they taste best when allowed to grow quickly. For a fall crop, plant Premier Kale seeds in the same way about three months before the first expected frost. Kale can be harvested by trimming leaves or harvesting the entire plant. For companion planting benefits, plant kale with cabbage or potatoes.


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