Long Purple Eggplant


Brief description:

Long Purple Eggplant is an Italian heirloom that produces dark purple fruit that is shaped like a cucumber and has firm mild flesh. This variety of eggplant produces a great harvest, especially in cooler climates. This plant can produce more than 4 fruits and can be harvested as early as  70 to 89 days.

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Long Purple Eggplant
Days to Full Maturity: 80 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 15

Long Purple Eggplant vegetables grow to be up to 8-10” long and 2” in diameter. Its plant can grow up to 30” in height. This variety can be harvested in 80 days and can be grown in zones 5-12. Long Purple Eggplant grows best in moist soil and full sun. The Long Purple Eggplant can be grown as an annual but is usually grown as an annual. This Italian heirloom has a milder flavor than your typical store-bought eggplant and is more delicate in flavor. Long Purple Eggplant has thin skin and a few seeds that make it easy to cook.

How to grow:

Long Purple Eggplant preferred to be planted in rich, deep loose, well-drained soil with organic material. Eggplant can be sowed indoors and transplanted 3 weeks after the last frost when it’s at least 6” tall. Keep seedling soil moist as eggplant needs moisture to thrive and near a sunny window. For individuals with longer growing seasons seeds can be directly sown about 1/4” deep and 2-3’ apart in all directions. Give seeds a few weeks to emerger since germination time for eggplant can be a little spotty. Thin weaker plant after two or more leaves sprouts up leaving the stronger plant.


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