Green Globe Artichoke 


Brief description:

Green Globe Artichoke is a perennial Non-GMO heirloom in zones 8-11 and an annual in zones 5-7. This tasty vegetable needs a fairly long, but mild growing season. Green Globe Artichoke is also drought tolerant. The colorful plant can also be used as an ornamental plant.

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Green Globe Artichoke
Days to Full Maturity: 85 Days
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 25

Green Globe is native to the Mediterranean and is a great perennial plant in zones 8-11 and annuals in cooler climates. Green Globe Artichoke creates a tender, nutty, and flavorful heart. This artichoke is one of the fastest producers from seed. Green Globe Artichoke has great flavor and is perfect when served with butter. Artichokes are family to thistle and if allowed to flower it’s similar to the thistle spiky flower. Green Globe Artichoke has a mild flavor similar to asparagus. It’s known for its vibrant green stalks withs attractive interesting leaves and buds which turn purples when uncut. Green Globe Artichoke is rich with antioxidants when grown from seeds.

How to grow:

Artichokes can be sown indoors, then transplanted outside four weeks before the last frost. Seeds need to be planted 4’ apart and 6’ between rows to help optimize growth. Ensure that you use compost and mulch the soil. Artichoke requires consistent watering and full sun. Harvest when the top bud color becomes a consistent green, lower buds will be ready to harvest a few days later. This plant requires 75-120 days until it’s ready to harvest. If you are planting Green Globe Artichoke for its beautiful flower, let bud will turn purple and it will then turn to seed


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