Buttercrunch Lettuce


Brief description:

Classic and popular butterhead lettuce. This lettuce has a soft, buttery but crispy texture. Its flavor is juicy and has sweet-tasting leaves with a loose inner head. The Buttercrunch lettuce is heat tolerant and slow to bolt which stays mild longer than most other lettuce. Enjoy this sweet tasting lettuce throughout the fall months.

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Buttercrunch- Lettuce
Days to Full Maturity– 65 Days
The Buttercrunch lettuce can be grown in most zones, including colder zones.
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 250

Buttercrunch Lettuce is one of the most popular varieties of butterhead Lettuce and is great for salads. It gains its name from its soft texture and mild buttery flavor. Buttercrunch lettuce produces a head around 6-8″ in height. The lettuce has juicy, thick, slightly crumpled dark green leaves, and a white-yellow heart. It grows fast and has a long season therefore it could be harvested over and over again when leaves are picked as needed. Buttercrunch Lettuce is an annual, and it grows best in cooler areas making it a great fall plant. Buttercrunch Lettuce is very hardy, slow to bolt, and heat tolerant but may need extra shade or it needs to be misted in hotter climates. In warm climates, it’s best to plant in the late summer for spring harvest. The outer leaves can be harvested before the inner leaves which will encourage the lettuce to keep growing and allow an extended harvest. Don’t forget the heart, which is our favorite!

How to grow:

Start by sowing the non-GMO seeds 1/8 inch in soil, 12” apart then thin, in rows twelve inches apart ensuring that the lettuce has enough room to grow. You can also start indoors 4-5 weeks before the last frost or 4 weeks before frost. For best fall harvest start transplant 8-10 weeks before the first frost. Make sure to allow enough space between seeds for the lettuce to grow, as overcrowding can cause the lettuce to have a bitter taste. For succession planting sow every 2-3 weeks to ensure a continuous harvest. To harvest during the winter months you can use a cold frame. Plant in rich, moist, well-drained soil, and be sure not to cover it–this seed needs light to germinate. Firm the soil lightly. While growing, keep the soil well-watered. The outer leaves can be harvested before the inner leaves which will encourage the lettuce to keep growing and allow an extended harvest or you can harvest the entire plant between 60-70 days after planting, and before flowers appear, to ensure the lettuce doesn’t become too mature.


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