California Black-Eye Cowpeas


Brief description:

California Black-Eye Cowpeas beans are a great source of fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. California Black-Eye Cowpeas are also high in Vitamins A, C, and B6. California Black-Eye Cowpeas have been proven to improve heart and brain health when eaten regularly. Black-eyed peas are great when canned, frozen, or even when allowed to dry on the plant for later use or seed harvest. If you dry the peas for storage, first let the pods dry on the plant. Then pick the pods and remove the peas. Store in a sealed jar in a cool dry area.

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California Black-Eye Cowpeas
Days to Full Maturity: — 75
Non-GMO – Heirloom – High Germination Rate

Minimum Seed Count: 20

California Black-Eye Cowpeas are very tolerant to dry, sandy soil, and heat. These Cowpeas are amazing for new gardeners since they require little watering. In addition to the little care, Cowpeas regulates nitrogen in the soil making it very self-sufficient in the garden. The beans have a great sweet and creamy flavor which is very popular around the world.

How to grow:

You can direct sow California Black-Eye Cowpeas bean seeds outside 1-2 weeks after last spring frost in full sun 1-2” deep and 2-3” apart. The California Black Eye Cowpeas prefer sandy soil and grow well in warmer climates. Rows should be planted 1’ apart and dirt above the seeds could be pressed down for good soil contact then gently water. All these beans require is 1” of water a week making it super easy to care for. When watering water close to the root, beans seeds rot easily so don’t overwater them. Also, ensure that you maintain the weeds around the plant which may compete with the plant for nutrients. To succession planting sow seeds every 7-10 days. Beans can be harvested when beans are well filled out. These plants are great companion plants for carrots, cucumbers, or corn.




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